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  • RED HOT sales copy for your websites, information products and email campaigns.
  • Website reviews and copy audits to supercharge your sales, conversion and profits.
  • Marketing consulting for a 360 degree upgrade of all your sales efforts.
  • And all your sales and marketing needs handled by someone who eats, breathes and lives copywriting!

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What Others Are Saying:

Kevin RogersDirect Response Expert,

Vik is one of the hottest new copywriters on the scene. He has a deep grasp of the psychological elements required to sell with words, plus the writing chops to execute on a high level. I recommend him every chance I get!

Alan Forrest Smith Master Copywriter,

Vik is a great copywriter, he understands how it works, he gets the fact that it takes more than words to create a sale for his client. Hire him, he knows what he's doing... its that simple!

Daniel Levis Info-Publisher,
Web Marketing Strategist

Vik is one of my most conscientious students. He "gets" direct response marketing and has created some impressive conversion results in the self development niche. You should hire him before he gets really expensive.

Jay White Email Copywriter

Some copywriters just 'get' the essence of how to write a profit pulling email. And Vik is no exception. His talent for creating a sharp detailed picture that subtly draws you in and nudges you toward the click through is unmatched. This guy is the real deal when it comes to email and autoresponder copy - grab him now before he gets booked up!

Tom O'Connor

When it comes to copywriters, three things really count. Having a writer who can craft truly powerful hooks for your market, convert that attention to real dollars and maximise customers revenues.  Vik has delivered ALL THREE for NLP TIMES. 

He intemately understands the personal development market and it shows. His copy has converted time and again at double digits;  generating​ tens of thousands in new sales and hundreds and hundreds of new customers. If you want someone who can do this for you - hire Vik. He's a creative, results focused wordplay wizard who delivers on time and to budget.  Your wallet will thank you for it!

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me...



Most marketers and copywriters 'out there' will take any job and never really specialise. I only work with the self-help niche. This means I know it, I understand the customers and am an expert on the triggers that make them buy!



I'm not writing based on internet research. I'm not writing based on what I think your ideal customer wants. I'm writing as a self-improvement junkie of 20 years. I AM YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER - which means I know exactly what works and what sells!



Here's the thing, just being able to write a sales letter is NEVER enough.  If anyone tells you it is  - run a mile in the opposite direction.

  • You need to make sure you message resonates with your market
  • You need to traffic to your webpage.
  • You need marketing funnels to put your sales on autopilot
  • And you need a strong USP that positions you better than all your competitors
  • And thats just to start...

Marketing goes hand in hand with copywriting. It's only when you put the two together that you will be able to maximise your results.



I'm busy and selective about who I work with.  In particular I'm passionate about working on projects that make peoples lives better. I like working on products that I find useful.

 And because of this I only take on a few clients a month.

But!  If you do become a client, I dedicate my time to creating the best copy you could imagine.  Plus you get marketing consulting as well.  

I have more time to spend on your campaign because I'm selective.​



I have spent decades studying the mind and consumer psychology. 

My background in NLP and Hypnosis allows me to create powerful persuasive writing that sells.

I know how to push the exact buttons in your customers mind to have them drooling over your products.



If you think of a sales letter as a sales person knocking on 1000 doors at the same'll understand why you want someone enthusiastic about your product to write the letter.

Someone passionate about your product or service will have a much better chance of convincing your customer to buy ... versus someone who is just doing it for the money.

Passion Sells!



I have been trained by UK's No.1 copywriter.  Thats right! Not only have I studied the best copywriters in the US.  Not only am I a marketing expert.  Not only have I mastered marketing and copywriting classics...I'vs also been mentored by UK's No.1 Copywriter. ​

I'll Let My Work Speak For Itself...

I could write a sales letter here to convince you to buy work with me but I have learnt the best way to convince someone is to show them what I can do...  Below is a selection of my work.  The samples are mainly in the self help world but I very occasionally do work for my self help clients in their other niches.  These business and marketing samples are also included below.

  • Emails
  • Sales Letters
  • B to B Sales Letter
  •  Landing Pages

The Sales Letter Below Converted at 13% 

And this one for a Hypnosis product converted at massive 17%

On the more esoteric side... a letter I wrote for Hindu Mantras

Who Is My Ideal Client?

Before You Contact Me - Make Sure You Read The Below

​I will only work with you if you meet the following criteria... 

  • You have an established product / service
  • You're not looking for a sales letter to save your drowning business
  • You understand that sometimes marketing and copywriting needs to be outrageous and entertaining 
  • You have a budget for copywriting and understand the benefits of a good copywriter
  • You are willing to test my work before requesting major changes
  • You value time (yours and mine)  - provide information timely and stick to the scope of work
  • You are friendly and engaged in the project 
  • You understand that copywriting is not a magic bullet for a poor product or unresponsive list.

It’s Your Move – Do You Want Results…A Continuous Stream Of Cash…An Unending Flow Of Clients… Your Message Spread Far And Wide?

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Here's to more cash, more customers and more conversions